Truth for Today began in 2011 with the mission of taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the World by means of Radio and Television. We believe that the most effective way of sharing the gospel is by preaching, teaching, and explaining God's Word to the hearer. Man's words can only do what man can do but God's Word does what only God can do. Truth for Today is committed to providing a broadcast that each program expounds God's Word in a verse-by-verse chapter-by-chapter format. Truth for Today is a ministry of the Beulah Baptist Church in Bennett, NC and Dr. Neal Jackson.

    Dr. Neal Jackson, is the pastor of the Beulah Baptist Church, in Bennett, North Carolina the church where he was born when his father, Nolan Jackson Sr., was serving the church as Minister of Music in the 1970's.

    Dr. Jackson is the third generation of preachers to be driven by the mandate of taking the gospel to the world. His grandfather, Maze Jackson, traveled the country in evangelism for over forty years and was heard across the country through his radio broadcast, The Truck Drivers Special.

    Dr. Jackson has pastored churches in Pensacola, FL and Atlanta, GA. He began his broadcast ministry with the Rejoice in the Lord telecast while pastoring in Florida. His preaching is characterized as verse-by-verse exposition, and his passion has always been that of encouraging people to love God’s Word. God has given him the ability to answer the modern day problems people face with the truths of scripture.

    Dr. Jackson recently received his second doctorate this one with a concentration in expository preaching from The Masters Seminary. He and Tracy have five children, David, Victoria, Reagan, Aiden and Hayden


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