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    J. Vernon McGee’s august interpretation of the Bible has been appointment listening on 1280 The Trumpet since 1960. At its core, Thru the Bible is the conviction that the Bible is true and trustworthy. Thru the Bible believes God uses His Word uniquely in each of our lives to transform the way we think, believe, and live.

    How does He do this? We believe that, in part, He does this by telling us His own story: The story of His love, His redemption—a story that He planned and put into place before our time began. At its heart, it’s the story of how He has opened the way for us to know Him, to love and obey Him, to grow deeper day by day in the ways we trust Him. It’s a beautiful story that gets better every time we hear it. It’s the story Thru the Bible tells every day on the air and invites people to listen.

    Dr. J. Vernon McGee, our founder and teacher, loved to tell the story more than anything else in the world. He began teaching on the radio in 1941.

    We love to tell the Bible’s story . . . the story of Jesus and His love. Join us on the Bible Bus today to hear it again in a new way. We’re saving you a seat.

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