Steve Sanchez is a Radio Talk Show Host, Author, Entrepreneur and Pastor.

    For over 20 years Steve has been engaging the public with a "Constitution in one hand and a Bible in the other". His bold but Real, Raw, Relevant talk has brought a whole new genre/style to Talk Radio. He was just listed #45 on the "Frontier Fifty List" in Talkers Magazine which recognizes the top 50 Internet/ Radio broadcasters in the country.

    When asked to describe the show he says in its simplest terms, it's "Water-cooler Talk on Steroids." According to Steve it's every day things we talk about, life, money, relationships, values and faith. Steve has also been recognized Nationally in many areas including The 2008 Who's who in America as a Business/Financial Consultant, for his unique take and expertise in the areas of entrepreneurship and finance. He's been a very popular platform speaker due to his transparency over his successes as well as his failures. Steve likes to say he's gone from the Penthouse to the Dog House to God's House!

    Steve is a frequent writer for many National magazines and a contributor to the Genesis Communications Network and has also been featured on many Television Shows for his vast knowledge on current events and cultural trends due to his interesting Biblical Worldview on them. He has sat on boards of some of the most prestigious Mega Church's in the country and currently sits on the board of Gateway International Bible Institute in Phoenix, AZ.

    Currently Steve is finishing up his new book regarding the New Entitlement Mind Set in America and most recently has signed a contract with a large production company in Hollywood to star in a Reality TV Show with his wife Marie and three children Nate, Erica, and Emily.

    He lives and broadcasts from his Undisclosed Bunker Studios in the Hottest City in America, Phoenix, AZ.

    Heard Sundays at 7pm

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