The program will cover news, current affairs with a focus on what is going on with the Christian persecution in the Middle East.

    Mona K Oshana born in the Middle East A Christians with a heart for Humanitarian causes. Author, Speaker, Blogger, and Executive director of PO3 Non-profit Organization AUTHOR: “Look beyond the fire”, personal story highlighting the human rights of the Iraqi People that were violated and stripped away by a cruel and ruthless dictator “Dear Man”, Where is our friendship? The reexamination of the story in Genesis 1, 2 and 3, describing the damaged relationship between man and woman.

    Mona speaks from her own experience of escaping Iraq during the rule of Saddam Hussein. As a Christian she understand the struggle from a personal perspective, as she is a member of the Christian community of people being purged from Syria and Iraq.


    Heard Thursdays at 4pm

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