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    Jeannie Morem, comes to KXEG with a rich background as an entrepreneur in business and the entertainment industry. She has a passion for helping others achieve their success through attentive listening, in depth conversations and hard work. Jeannie has a unique gift of making people feel comfortable while exploring their motivation and career goals. Jeannie believes everyone carries a story and is passionate in uncovering that story in the lives of people she meets every day.

    Currently, Jeannie records her own radio program with her husband Kurt, Romance and Intimacy. They have been married almost 30 years and have a wealth of knowledge and experience for couples who need to rediscover romance in their relationship. She brings this first-hand awareness of program experience as a Host on Romance and Intimacy. Jeannie works full-time at VoiceAmerica as an Executive Producer. Kurt and Jeannie also create a weekly podcast, Good God Great Sex.

    Jeannie grew up in Le Sueur, Minnesota and has lived in South Africa, Washington State, California and for the last fifteen years calls Arizona home. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from University of Minnesota in Human Relationships and holds a Master degree in Business Administration.

    She loves spending time with her two grown children and enjoys reading, spin class, hot yoga, being outdoors and quiet dinners with friends. During the Fall, you will find Jeannie at the stadium cheering on her favorite football team, Arizona Cardinals.

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