Dana "Ms. D." Burns, gospel singer, songwriter, and promoter, stems from a musically inclined background! Known for the multiple gospel events promoted in Phoenix, Arizona, networking with artists coast to coast, Ms. D. has proved herself to be a young pillar in the gospel genre community!

    She is a native South Phoenix resident, who has been active in the gospel industry in the South Phoenix Community well over 20 years. She was born into a God fearing family, and is the youngest child of (8) eight children, to the late Mildred E. Burns, gospel legend and profound teacher in the South Phoenix Community.

    About The Ms. D. Gospel Show:

    The Ms. D. Gospel Show will simply serve as a platform providing an additional opportunity of exposure for artists all over to fulfill their dreams, to have their music played on the West Coast.

    I realize there is a lot of GREAT TALENT in this industry that are looking for an opportunity of exposure; it is a challenge for those on opposite sides of the US to have their music heard on the West Coast. It is my will and determination to work hard to give the listening audience inspiration and encouragement through song, as well as, provide artists the exposure necessary to be successful!

    The Goal Of The Show:

    To establish and cultivate a platform here on the West Coast that fosters the facilitation of bringing UNITY in the Gospel Quartet Community!

    On Air