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    Connie has a rich history of ministry. She was raised in a pastor's home and both her maternal and paternal grandparents served as evangelists, pastors, and church planters for the Assemblies of God. Connie and her husband, Jerry, now have the joy of seeing their daughter and son-in-law fulfilling the call to ministry, also. In 1980, Connie accepted her first ministry assignment at Calvary Temple in Christian Education. During the next 19 years she established Global Outreach Bible Institute in Modesto, before establishing a Bible Institute in Estonia. More than 130 ministers have been sent out as missionaries, pastors, teachers and evangelists from her ministry.

    Her Knowing the Word radio broadcast is her daily chapter by chapter Bible study. Please click through the links below to learn more about Connie’s ministry, purchase her books, and learn about future trips to the Holy Land.

    Encore Broadcast at 2:45 AM