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    Shortly after being consumed by God’s love at the age of 19, Andrew Wommack found himself on the front lines of the Vietnam War as a Chaplain’s Assistant in the United States Army. Upon his return from Vietnam, he accepted the call to preach. In 1972, he married Jeanne and their life together in ministry was launched in a small Texas church.

    In 1976, Andrew planted a broadcast acorn with his first Gospel Truth radio program on a little country-and-western station in Childress, Texas. Gospel Truth has grown into a mighty oak is carried on over 70 radio stations domestically and many more internationally as well as on television.

    Founded in 1994, Charis Bible College as an extension of Andrew Wommack Ministries (AWM). This Bible college has many satellite schools that cover the United States as well as overseas. Students either are answering a call from God in preparation for ministry or are deepening their own personal relationship with the Lord.  

    At least once a year Andrew and Jeanne visit the Phoenix area. http://www.awmi.net/events/gts/phoenix-gospel-truth-conference/

    1280 The Trumpet asks you to join us at the Phoenix Gospel Truth Conference on January 4-6, 2018 for a powerful time of teaching as Andrew shares the Word of God. Andrew’s profound revelation of the Word is taught with clarity, simplicity, and a special emphasis on God’s unconditional love and the balance between grace and faith. This year it will be held at the Renaissance Glendale Hotel (next to Westgate and the Football Stadium).

    Do you need to receive the healing touch of Christ, or have a personal testimony you would like to share? Please call (719) 635-1111 Monday – Friday 4:30am - 9:30pm MST



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