For almost fifty years, founder and producer, Brother Larkins devoted his radio show and his life to keeping traditional gospel music alive. His unique radio style keeps the show and the music interesting and this resonates with all generations. In his own words, his radio show “is a ministry of music that many may be inspired, and a comfort to the sick and shut in.” Regardless of the changes over the years in gospel music, Larkins has never wavered from his commitment to traditional gospel music. “We play traditional music that you can understand,” he says.

    At over 90 years old, Larkins is the oldest living active African American DJ announcer in the USA and still going strong, making an indelible impact on the black community in the Greater Phoenix Area, Los Angeles and the state of Arizona. His radio Gospel Music Review has provided inspiration during difficult times; as well as a format for African American business owners to advertise, network and inform the community about current political and social events.

    Every Sunday afternoon from 2 to 4pm

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