The constitution of the church vut place on 10 February 1985 in a hall received from Love Baptist Church, an occasion attended by Liviu Olah brother, accompanied by the choir of youth in Los Angeles.
    Until then, the family Asztalos, arrived in Phoenix in 1977, a few brothers gathered around their Romanian Baptists, proposing them to participate in the Romanian Pentecostal Church services and in 11/08/1981, brother Pitt Popovich responded to the invitation to attend the first act of blessing of the first born in the family Asztalos, David.
    Brother Simon Cure was the first pastor residing in Los Angeles, where to go once or twice a month, something that made him with great devotion, and is best suited to link "sheaf" of brothers , coming from so many different churches: Church Asztalos family "Golgotha" Bucharest, Oprea family of "Sega" Arad families Hreniuc, Hostiuc, Irimiciuc, Moscaliuc Ipotesti-Suceava and others.
    Brother Liviu Olah and his brother Simon Cure, write to each of them a letter brother Octavian Dobos, then in Chicago, urging him to join the enthusiastic group recently formed in May 1985 brother Octavian moved with his family to Phoenix.
    The second pastor was brother Paul Gavrilovici who, at the urging brothers Simon Cure and Octavian Dobos very good friends and collaborators in the Lord's work, did not hesitate neither he, and with his family, moved to Phoenix, where he confessed a period of several months on his Savior.
    Since November 1986 Pincu brother Peter take the pastorate, until 1994.  From 1994 until 2012, the church is pastored by brother Octavian Dobos.  16 September 2012 is chosen as pastor of the Church Ovidiu Horga brother came in Arad with his family on May 17, 2013.


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