Heard Every Weekday at 9:55 AM (English) and 7PM (Spanish)


    A quiet respite from the secular hustle and sinful bustle of the Valley of the Sun can be found just North of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve: Canaan in the Desert, the American branch of the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary with its Prayer Garden. A sanctuary of peace and blessing ... A place to meet with God..

    Many stories could be told of the Prayer Garden with its sculptured reliefs depicting Jesus' Passion and Resurrection: stories of release from despair, marriages restored, lives healed of addictions -- all in answer to prayer. Spring is a favorite time for school classes to visit. It's a little bit like being in Paradise -- with birds singing, rabbits scurrying under the nearest bushes and children, hand-in-hand, chattering delightedly, "We're going to see Jesus!" Many return with their parents. People on their way to work like to stop by before facing another busy day. Retirees enjoy a quiet moment to reflect on their lives, while the bereaved find peace of soul.

    Please come visit the Prayer Garden from 6 to 6 everyday and click on  for monthly and weekly services.

    Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary 

    9849 N 40 St.

    Phoenix, AZ  85028-4099

    Tel: (602) 996-4040

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