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    Having received Christ as his Lord and Savior at the age of seven, David’s formal preaching began at just the age of 17. A gifted tenor, he sang his first solo at three (although he wasn't a tenor then).

    David brings his traditional preaching and singing to  city-wide crusades, church-wide conventions, at Christian colleges and universities as well as at many other venues throughout the United States and overseas. In 1983, he traveled with Dr. Stephen Olford throughout the country and had ministered on platforms with him before his Homegoing in 2004 (David was blessed to have him on his Advisory Board).

    Having had pastoral experience has helped David to relate to the local pastor and the needs of his congregation and community. There's no substitute for loving God's pastors and people. America Back to God is a program where Pastor David, speaking from his heart addresses the needs for our nation’s citizens to return to a Christ centered life. Pastor David is deeply burdened for true revival in the church and spiritual awakening in America and the world. In God's grace and goodness, many series of meetings extends well beyond scheduled dates because God sovereignly moves in precious revival. To God be the glory!   Globe for Christ International, Inc., is David’s non profit religious organization that sponsor’s America Back to God to emphasize that  prevailing prayer is the key to revival!

    It is his prayer and the prayer of his prayer band that David comes with a freshness, fullness and fragrance of the Spirit of God as he expounds the Scriptures.  AMERICA IS AT a crucial point in its history. Times are difficult and the future is uncertain.  What America needs is a clarion call from God and His Word, calling us back to Him.

    Will you stand with David Ford believing that God can do the impossible and bring revival to America by supporting his ministry

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